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I’m (still) a Pokémom!

Two years ago (has it been that long?!) I wrote my first post about playing Pokémon Go as an adult. At the time I justified it, for all three of my children played it as did many of youth at the library I work for.  But my children have all quit, yet I am still playing. I am the only Mom out there who wants her kids to play, and was sad when they stopped.

For 2+ years I have consistently played this game- which is quite shocking even to me- as I have never been much of a game player. I played some Pac-Man in my youth, and I’d play Mario Cart or Wii games with my kids, but I never saw the appeal in video or handheld games. Until now. I seriously can not stop. Once they introduced the incentive of earning extra points if you played consecutive days, I knew I was hooked. The game amuses me to no end, like when I find a gym that players have filled with all of one type of creatures- just for fun. This one was filled with all flyers.

A point of pride for me is that I have never spent a dime on this game. You can buy “coins” that let you purchase more tools to help you in the game, or even to buy your avatar more clothing. Since I’m embarrassed to even be playing this game at my age, I’m certainly not going to spend money on it. I like to pat myself on the back and tell myself my game play is more authentic that way.

I have been planning on writing this post for awhile, but I set a goal for myself to catch the elusive Mew first. I did so through “A Mythical Discovery” that had gamers compete eight multi step challenges to earn the right to catch the legendary Mew. One step took me forever to complete. Kathleen who also plays sent me a funny message with a screen shot she took of a glitch in the system that showed me catching a creature that at that time I had not captured yet.

During my recent family vacation, I finally completed that last excellent throw and captured the little bugger. I actually squealed and shouted out to my family about my success. They were not as impressed as they should have been.  All this effort for a pink little cat/mouse hybrid thingy.

I have no plans to quit and am quite excited that next week a new quest is being released that will set me on a new journey to nab the new legendary Celebi.  It just goes to show- that you never know what game (or book) will appeal to a person. So, I gotta GO, and catch me some more Pokémon!


Header picture is from the website Game Replays.

Pokémon Go: Friendship and Trading

The most exciting update to hit Pokémon Go since research, possibly even since the game’s release, just hit us a few short weeks ago: friendship and trading! Trading was an integral part of the man series games, way back when you needed a special cord to hook two GameBoys together so you could trade with your friends.


In PoGo, it works the same but different – no special cord needed =P Each trainer is assigned a friend code, which you can share with other players. Once you have been added to each other’s friend lists, you exchange gifts! Gifts are received by spinning Pokéstops or photo disks at gyms. Items inside the gifts range from balls to max revives – and if you’re after the exclusive Alolan eggs, found only inside these gifts, make sure you have an open egg slot ;D

Not only do you get useful items from gifts, when you exchange gifts, you level up your friendship! Leveling up your friendship with another player unlocks rewards and incentives. These include stardust discounts for trading, bonus damage done during raids you participate in together, and more.


I have 27 friends, most of whom are in the raid group in my hometown, but my fiancé, a few of my coworkers, and my partner-in-blogging Nancy are also among them ;D It’s been really fun exchanging gifts with everyone and seeing where they were playing when they got the gift they sent (Mine are probably all boring… most of the ones I send are from my work…). I was a lone player for a long time, but now I feel part of a community in a way I wasn’t before. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying they made the game fun again, just like it was the first few weeks.

– Kathleen

Pokémon: Let’s Go

Short and sweet post today. Have y’all seen the trailer for the new Pokémon game for the Nintendo Switch? IT’S SOOOOOO CUUUUUUTE

Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! is an upcoming game for the Nintendo Switch. It’s essentially a remake of Yellow, but with upgraded 3D graphics and slightly different gameplay. It looks like it incorporates a lot of elements in Pokémon Go: Pokémon appear in the overworld instead of randomly in grass, and players get to chuck the balls themselves instead of just with a button input. It looks like you’ll even get to transfer your little buddies from Go into Let’s Go!, though we’ll have to wait for more details. The best part, in my opinion, is being able to play with a friend!

You can pinpoint the exact second where I decided I needed a Switch… right at 0:33…

What do you guys think?

– Kathleen

Pokémon Helps My Anxiety

Nancy has had her turn raving about Pokémon, and I thought I’d chime in =P

I have a confession to make first: I was not really big into Pokémon when I was a kid.

Sure, I collected some cards, and got a GameBoy Advance and Leaf Green for Christmas one year, but after that… nothing. It was one of those things where I was into it mostly because all the other kids at school were. I never even finished Leaf Green. I was never able to beat the Elite 4. So it was part of my childhood, like every other ’90s kid, but it just didn’t stick.

The first and only Pokemon game I owned as a wee lass.

Last year, when I started working and making big girl money, I got a new phone so I could play Pokémon Go. I loved it. I was very surprised when I kept loving it. Honestly, I figured I’d get bored of it and delete the app a few months later, if my childhood experience was anything to go by. But I still love it and play every day – I’m especially excited now, during the Halloween event. I love catching all the spooky Pokémon – especially the Houndours!!! (they are so cute and angry and I love them)

My fiance and I play PoGo all the time together. He’s a Pokémon nut, and was ecstatic when I wanted to play PoGo with him and started asking him more and more questions. He bought me a 3DS and Pokémon Moon last Christmas so we could keep playing Pokémon together even when it was too cold for PoGo. I remember opening my 3DS and installing Moon on it the same night he gave it to me. We lay together in the dark, on the air mattress we use when he stays with me at my mom’s house, and started another adventure together.

My fiance bought both and wrapped them together (so he wouldn’t be tempted to start one) and let me choose first. I chose Moon ❤

This past winter, I went through a really hard time. My health (mental and physical), my work, my relationships (even that with my fiance) were deteriorating. Suffice it to say, it sucked. Big time. I felt fragile, exhausted all the time, and constantly on the verge of tears. I hadn’t felt anxiety that bad since grad school.

But I had something I didn’t have in grad school, and that was Pokémon.

I would come home from work every night, get in bed, and turn on my 3DS. Pokémon Moon has a feature called “Poke Refresh” where you can feed your Pokémon Berries, groom them, and pet them. I would spend an hour or two before falling asleep leveling up my Pokémon and taking care of them in Refresh. It probably sounds stupid, but petting my lil buddies, feeding them, and watching the little hearts appear above their heads, made me feel better. Like, if I couldn’t take care of myself, might as well take care of some cute virtual creatures, right?

It made me feel like I was doing something good. That I had done something good that day, no matter how small.


My 3DS was sitting on the floor next to my bed for a while, because I started having eye issues on top of everything else. My eyes just got too tired after staring at the computer all day for work to play Pokémon every night. Gradually, though, things got better, and I got better. The entire time I had been playing PoGo regularly, and my fiance has made it a habit to send me plushies of my favorites, so it wasn’t like I wasn’t totally without Pokémon.

Things are starting to suck again. After all the time and money I sunk into my degree, I’m starting to question my career choice. Winter is coming and that’s always a hard time for me, especially the holidays. My fiance and I have decided on a date that’s years out, but thinking about all the wedding details has overwhelmed me more times than I’d care to admit in the bare month and a half we’ve been engaged.

Knowing just how to cheer me up, my beautiful, wonderful, darling finance sent me a new Bombshells figurine and a Nintendo e-shop gift card for Sweetest Day this past weekend.

What did I spend it on? Pokémon Silver.

Going back to (almost) the beginning.

Though I only played Leaf Green as a kid, I love Silver so far because it takes me back to that time when I was young. I am enthralled by Pokémon technology and how close it is to our own today. Those guys predicted the future, I’m telling ya. Everyone in the Pokémon universe is so nice and friendly, and I talk to every NPC I come across… and anyone who knows me in real life knows I never talk to anyone if I can’t help it.

And, of course, I’m catching new lil buddies. I can’t pet them like I can in Moon, but it helps.

It helps.

– Kathleen

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