Marguerite is a 27-year-old French woman who discovers she has Aspergers (now called Autism Spectrum Disorder) as an adult, and this new knowledge transforms her life.

This memoir-of-sorts is based on author Julie Dachez’s life, as she recounts her experiences through the eyes of Marguerite, in which she struggles at work and has few friends. A two-year relationship is faltering, as her reclusiveness and odd habits prevent her from socializing and engaging in activities her boyfriend would like to participate in. She eventually gets an official diagnosis through an autism center, and with the new knowledge makes changes in her personal life.

I enjoyed how color was utilized in the story, for the narrative begins in black and white with red used to symbolize outside influences that intrude on Marguerite’s fragile shell. Her diagnosis and research help her cope with life, and color is introduced as she blooms- tying into the longer title of the book, “…living a life in full color”.

I won’t lie and say that I agree with everything in the book. While I did find it enlightening for a person with Aspergers to share how the outside world affects them, I thought her too rigid and her diagnosis did seem to be an excuse for her to avoid trying to change in certain ways. I realize it goes both ways, as people who do not have neurodivergent issues need to alter their actions to accommodate those who are different. I have a close family member who recently found out that they have a mild form of autism, and this is just one of many books I am reading to understand it more and to be an ally. I am thankful for this graphic novel and hope that the author and anyone else facing similar issues continue to grow and live their best lives.