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Lady Thor

Thor (Vol 2.): Who Holds the Hammer?

That, my friends, is on the question of everyone’s lips. Who is the new Thor? Why is she worthy to wield Mjolnir while the Odinson is not? The All-Father wants the answer to those questions, and to take Mjolnir back for the Asgardians… whatever the cost. Meanwhile, Malekith and Dario Agger have made a pact: Roxxon and Svartalfheim have joined forces and are now allies. Thor seems very eager to stop them… very eager indeed…

I won’t spoil the big reveal, but it was surprising and heartbreaking at once. The art here was as beautiful as in the last album: dynamic, fluid, and electric. There are a few bonuses in the back that are as long as the main story: Thor Annual #1, which tells a tale for each the Thor of the future, present, and past. The present Thor’s story was drawn by Marguerite Sauvage, one of my favorites! They also include a story from the ’70s that parallels the events of the present-day Thor. I’ll have to look for more adventures from Lady Thor!

– Kathleen

Aaron, Jason, Russell Dauterman, and Jorge Melina. Thor (Vol. 2): Who Holds the Hammer? 2015.

Thor (Vol. 1): The Goddess of Thunder

Aaron, Jason, Russell Dauterman, and Jorge Molina. Thor (Vol. 1): Goddess of Thunder. 2015.

I was grabbing stuff off my library’s graphic novel shelf, desperate for material ‘cuz my queue for this blog ran out with my last Birds of Prey post. I’d been curious about this title since it came out, and figured with my holiday breaks (two 4 day weekends in a row!!!), I’d get some serious reading and writing done.

Thor is no longer worthy of wielding Mjolnir. He sits on the moon, trying desperately to lift it, but the hammer will not budge for him, nor for any Asgardian. Someone needs to lift it soon, because Frost Giants are invading Midgard. Not about to forsake his duty to Earth, Thor travels to Midgard and attempts to beat them back. While he is gone, someone goes to the moon… and is able to lift Mjolnir! A woman is worthy of the power of Thor! But who is she? Thor Odinson, dismayed and enraged at the hammer’s betrayal, will do anything to get it back.

Lady Thor was a big pull for me. I haven’t read any Thor, but have seen the movies, and that power in the hands of a woman is exciting! The art is beautiful, detailed and colorful with dramatic lighting, positively crackling when thunder comes into play. The writing is witty and heartfelt – you really feel sorry for Thor as he struggles to accept that the power that was once his has fallen to another. Nancy, be proud – I will definitely read more! Lady Thor kicks butt!!!

– Kathleen

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