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David Gaider

Dragon Age (Vol. 3): Until We Sleep

Gaider, David, Alexander Freed, and Chad Hardin. Dragon Age (Vol. 3): Until We Sleep. 2013.

The final installment of the Dragon Age series shows Alistair, Isabela, Varric, and now Sten finally on their way to confront the blood mage Aurelian Titus, who has kidnapped Alistair’s father. Varric sneaks into the fortress as the Qunari forces stage a full-frontal assault. There, he finds Mae, an old friend of his, being held prisoner, as well as King Maric. He is hooked up to some sort of device. Varric shoots it, and… wakes up in bed? Was he dreaming, or is he dreaming now? Can he find his friends in time to stop Titus once and for all? And what will become of King Maric?

This one was told from Varric’s point of view, like the first was from Alistair’s and the second from Isabela’s. That made this one my favorite XD There are a lot more supernatural and magical elements in this one as opposed to the other two, and they are handled well. The end wasn’t exactly satisfying from a reader’s point of view, but everything wrapped up and there were no loose ends. A wonderful fantasy trilogy for those who aren’t familiar with the game series, and a really fun add-on to those who are. These are on my to-buy list for sure =P

– Kathleen

Dragon Age (Vol. 2): Those Who Speak

Gaider, David, Alexander Freed, and Chad Hardin. Dragon Age (Vol. 2): Those Who Speak. 2013.

The adventures of Alistair, Isabela, and Varric continue in this volume. They have traveled to Tevinter in search of Magister Aurelian Titus, who they’ve learned has kidnapped Alistair’s father. They confront him at a ball, but he escapes. They do manage to discover the location of his hideout, and set out at once. Isabela’s ship is chased and run aboard by Qunari forces, who capture them and take them to their island home. It is there that Alistair meets an old friend he never expected to see again, and asks for help in rescuing King Maric. It is here also, in a deep, dark dungeon, that Isabela – the mysterious, fierce pirate – must confront her past if she is to escape.

I really liked the art in this one. There were a lot of flashback sequences and the color palette changed accordingly to each one; very nicely done. It was also really nice to learn more about Isabela, though some of the decisions she made gave me chills. Everyone was kept wonderfully in character. I can’t wait to get to the next part!

– Kathleen

Dragon Age: The Silent Grove

Gaider, David, Alexander Freed, and Chad Hardin. Dragon Age: The Silent Grove. 2012.

Ten years after the Fifth Blight that wiped out all but two Grey Wardens and nearly destroyed the world, King Alistair Theirin embarks on a quest. Enlisting the help of Isabela Rivaini and Varric Tethras, he sets off to Antiva to break into an archive. Not just any archive – the one kept by the deadly assassins, the Crows! He discovers a cell number in the Crow’s prison, one that holds someone very dear to him… but who? The way points to the Tellari Swamps, where the witch Yavana resides. Why is Alistair so desperate to speak to her, even though he hates Witches of the Wilds? What – or who else – will they find?

I looove Dragon Age. It’s one of my favorite all time games. I adored this graphic novel. I loved the attention to detail in the art, especially the lighting. The graphic novel was rendered as beautifully as the games! My favorite part was that Varric was in it. My best bro!!! I love him ❤

It would be pretty easy to follow if you hadn’t played the games. There is a short little forward that gives you some background information, which is nice. Fantasy readers will love it! =P

– Kathleen

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