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I recently attended my first full blown Comic Con! After dipping my toe in the con world by attending Northern Illinois University’s small Karoshi-Con, I was ready for the big leagues!


My partners in crime were an amazing mother/daughter duo (WB & SA!) and we left early as to make the most of our day at Rosemont. None of us were brave enough to cosplay, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that many attendees wore every day attire. So, although I did not wear any costume, I did enjoy admiring others!

Gravity Falls face off!
Star Wars epicness!
Avengers unite!
Predator- best costume IMO!

There were panels galore to pick from, although I sadly admit I did not plan my day well, and while I did attend a few, I did not go to as many as I should have. I wish I had attended the X-Files panel, but the one I totally planned on, that would have had Kate Mulgrew aka Captain Janeway from Star Trek Voyager there, was cancelled. I seriously had tears in my eyes once I discovered that.

Besides panels there were many other distractions. My friends and I did a paint and take, where we bought little figurines and painted them. There was the autograph area, which had some big names such as Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny  (X-Files), Carrie Fisher (Star Wars) and Danai Gurira and Norman Reedus (Walking Dead) plus dozens more.  There were vendors galore and I picked up a little swag.WWswag

All in all, a fun day and a lot of the panels I participated will help me in my professional duties as a teen librarian. In fact, my library paid for my ticket, and I briefly met up with a few of the fabulous teens that attend my teen programming. This nerd was happy to be part of the herd at Wizard World!


Let’s Talk About SDCC


So if you’re broke, like me, and also stranded in the Midwest, like me, you can only watch San Diego Comic Con from afar each and every year. It’s like it’s own particular torture. There are so many things happening and they are all good so you’re happy but you’re not there experiencing it so it makes you sad. Like watching expensive candy being made through the storefront glass, knowing it would be delicious if only you were able to afford any.

Moving on…

For those of you who aren’t familiar, San Diego Comic Con is a massive convention held annually in San Diego, California. This is where a lot of big news is revealed in the world of comics and graphic novels, such as upcoming arcs, reveals for figurines and other merchandise, movie trailer releases, some video game trailer releases, and so much more. One of the big draws is all the celebrity panels, from comic book artists and writers to voice actors to movie and TV stars. It’s always fun to follow and check up on who’s doing what. They also have panels like you would normally see at a convention, such as panels dedicated to one character or series, how to motivate yourself to get in superhero shape, how to write your own graphic novel, and much more!

Because this is a huge convention, and there has been so much news, I’m going to go over some DC highlights that I found super exciting! Feel free to talk about anything I might have missed, including news from Marvel or Disney, in the comments!

First of all. ALL THOSE MOVIE TRAILERS THOUGH!!! We got a new Suicide Squad one featuring different music from the upcoming soundtrack, driving hype for that movie even higher. I am sTILL WAITING for advance tickets to go on sale for after the 11th… I’m seeing it with my boyfriend for my birthday the weekend of the 12th. I JUST NEED 2 MORE DAYS COME ONNNN

I have mixed feelings about the Justice League trailer. On one hand, I am so totally pumped for a JL movie!!! I was such a huge fan of the cartoon when I was little and I’m excited to see it on the big screen!!! BUT. I am so totally NOT sold on Ezra Miller as Flash. Grant Gustin has my heart 5ever and I am NOT ready for another actor to play Barry. Would it really have been too much trouble to cast him as Wally??? Maybe Jay wouldn’t have worked so well, but STILL THO. Not enough Cyborg either! I feel like it was poorly edited, just in the way that the colors and scenes were so dark and grim, like the whole of Batman v. Superman was, but much of the dialogue and the music tried to be funny and get you pumped up. To me, it felt like they tried to make it like a Suicide Squad trailer, when the movie probably won’t end up being anything like it. My feelings are so conflicted DX

And that Wonder Woman trailer??? I AM IN LOVE ❤ ❤ ❤ So TOTALLY IN LOVE!!! The music is PHENOMENAL. Her costume is soooooo beautiful I really hope they keep it brighter than the rest of the scenes in post-production. It’s a really nice visual and I can’t get enough of it. I wish we got to see more of Etta Candy but hopefully in a future trailer. After Diana was the literal best part of BvS I am so incredibly pumped for her movie!!! She’s gonna be great!!! I am going to die waiting thoooo

For games, we got another Injustice 2 trailer where Diana is BRUTAL and Blue Beetle is revealed as a playable character! I’m really excited to see how the RPG elements will play out. We also got one for the Batman Telltale Game. I’m getting back into games with the Telltale series; they’re nice because they’re mostly dialogue options but there are some instances where you can move around and interact with things. The Batman one might obviously be more action-oriented, just by nature of the character, but should still be great!

Honorable mentions from me include the Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them trailer, the DC figurine reveals, and all the trailers for my TV shows that I can’t watch because I’m not caught up. It’s on my to-do list XD Here is also the program schedule for this year in case you want to look up a video for a particular panel or presentation, they usually post them on Youtube =D

What was your favorite part of SDCC this year?

– Kathleen

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