Graphic Novelty 2 began as an ode to graphic novels, as it was originally created as a grad school project for Nancy and Kathleen who then decided to keep it going. They blogged together for 6.5 years (Nov ’15- April ’22) before Kathleen decided to step down, but Nancy decided to continue blogging solo.

Nancy is a married mother of three who is thrilled that she is paid to indulge her passions- combining her interests in Star Trek, Star Wars, YA novels and making crafts into a job she loves as Head of Teen Services at a small-town public library.

Kathleen is a teen librarian who previously was a university librarian. She majored in art during undergrad before going to grad school and in her spare time paints (traditionally and digitally), writes, reads, plays video games, and goes to concerts and binge-watches shows with her husband.

We’ve compiled our favorites and classics on the “Recommendations” page. The “Resources” page is filled with websites about graphic novel news, history, and more. Our blog posts contain reviews of graphic novels that we have read and love… or maybe not loved so much. Enjoy your stay!