Many of you might have noticed in the previous post, is that Kathleen said farewell to our blog. She has decided to step away from the blog after an amazing run of 6.5 years, but after some reflection, I have decided to continue on solo.

Kathleen and I had a great partnership, and to make our workload equal, we agreed to each write a post a week. Mostly we wrote about graphic novels, but we also shared our thoughts on movies, tv shows, our favorite fandoms (Star Trek for me!) and a few books from other genres. But this constant posting schedule led to burnout on both our parts, despite our best intentions. So going forward, I will be changing the blog a bit to make some adjustments that work well for me.

First of all, I will be expanding the scope of our blog and will add in more book genres, as I read more than 100 books a year, and only a third of them are graphic novels. If you check out my Goodreads profile, you will see 1000+ reviews, some of which I plan to share here. While I still will be reviewing graphic novels also expect to see some YA books, as I am a teen librarian; plus some horror, thrillers, mysteries and non-fiction. Plus, I plan to post whenever I feel like it and wait for inspiration to hit, without being so locked into a posting schedule. Maybe I’ll post once a week, maybe twice, maybe I’ll have big gaps between posts…who knows!

So I begin my solo blogging with some trepidation, but excitement too. I will miss Kathleen, as I’m sure many of you will too- however despite me losing her as a blogging partner, she remains my friend IRL. There will be a few more tweaks in the weeks ahead, as I settle in and find out what works for me, but I’m glad to still have the opportunity to continue sharing my thoughts on amazing books and having an outlet for all my nerdy tendencies!

-Nancy (last time I will sign with my name, as all future posts will be by me- gulp!)