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April 2022

So Long, Farewell

Dear readers, I regret to inform you all that I am stepping away from GraphicNovelty². Nancy and I mutually agreed upon taking a sorely-needed hiatus for the month of April due to burnout. My time away forced me to reflect on whether keeping up with our blog was sustainable for me… and I came to the conclusion that it’s not.

I told Nancy that in some ways, it’s gut-wrenching to step away now. I’ve kept up with a post a week for 6.5 years, through so many ups and downs in my personal life. The latest win – buying and moving into a house with my husband – is really the catalyst for my decision to quit the blog. Buying a house built in the mid-’70s is a huge time sink, as it turns out! In addition, my life’s priorities have shifted majorly in the past few years. This blog is no longer one of them. I would rather channel my time and creative energy into other things. Right now, the priority for that time and creative energy is fixing up our house with my husband and making it our home. Further down the road… who knows? But I’m ready to step away and embark on the next big adventure.

Not to worry: the blog is not going away just because I am. Nancy will keep posting, and has wonderful ideas for expanding content and implementing a more casual posting schedule that will work for her. We’ll be working together in the next few weeks to set her up to go solo.

There was no one else I would have rather gone on this journey with than Nancy. We both took our reviews and posting schedules seriously, and never disagreed on anything. I’m not exaggerating – we really didn’t! We’re not just blogging partners, we’re friends. I’m truly grateful to have worked on this blog with her, and for her understanding in my decision. That’s why I’m sticking around for a little while longer but behind the scenes. I’ll do everything in my power to ensure she succeeds =)

Please believe me when I say this was not an easy decision to make. It was, however, a necessary one. It’s time for me to step away. My deepest thanks go out to all of you for your readership, friendship, and dedication to growing what was supposed to be a one-off grad school project into a blog with over 800 followers. I have every faith that you all will continue to help Nancy be successful going forward.

Thank you all again. Signing off for the last time, with peace and love,

Kathleen ❤

You’re welcome for getting this song stuck in your head for the rest of the day

Year Zero

Year Zero is basically World War Z in graphic novel form!

Five stories run parallel to one another to represent a microcosm of a global zombie epidemic- Sara is a polar research scientist who is the one who inadvertently finds the first zombie frozen in time, Daniel is a young orphan from Mexico City, Saga is a paid assassin in Tokyo, Fetemah is an army informant in Kabul and BJ is a doomsday prepper in Minnesota. These five individuals, deal with the sudden fallout when they become the few who have survived the apocalypse. We are only given a few pages of each person’s story before it shifts elsewhere, so the story doesn’t advance much in this first volume beyond them all surviving the first onslaught. But the artist and colorist did an excellent job in capturing each personality and the region they are from. In addition, there was a different color scheme for each of the five, which helped differentiate them.

I first picked up this graphic novel because I am a sucker for zombie stories, and I had been a big fan of The Walking Dead. But I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed the author, Benjamin Percy, as I was first introduced to him through two Wolverine podcasts and later a horror short story collection, Suicide Woods, of his. With this entry, I will continue to seek out his work!


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