What happens when a vampire and a werewolf meet cute and fall in love?

Sarah Andersen, best known for her winsome Sarah’s Scribbles comic books (Adulthood Is A Myth, Mig Mushy Happy Lump & Herding Cats) has created an amusing new book about Goth vampire Elsie and grunge-rocker type werewolf Jimmy. Chosen as one of my Halloween reads, the story isn’t scary in the least, but was a nice break from my other horror-reads. 

Elsie and Jimmy meet in a bar and hit it off and after some get to know you chatting are soon hitting the sheets. While Elsie has been around 300 years, Jimmy is a new werewolf and they both need to get used to each other’s macabre habits. That they are monsters is the gag, yet some of their relationship issues are relatable as they work through the awkwardness and excitement of being a new couple.

The book has a striking red cover, but all the inside illustrations are done in black and white. Simple backgrounds and panel structure keep the focus on this appealing couple and their sometimes snarky conversations. Originally a webcomic, this book has a cute premise and is a fast read.