Hey everyone! We have been talking about our blog in conjunction with our personal schedules. The both of us have a lot going on right now, and we just cannot devote the amount of time we’d like to the blog. Therefore, we’ve come to a decision about how often we’re going to post.

Our regular Monday and Friday posts will continue, but we’re going to cut out most Wednesday posts. Even though we were trading Wednesdays off, we’ve found it a little more difficult lately to generate new content and keep up with the schedule. We’re great about communicating with each other about what we want to write, and when, so in the meantime we will do Wednesday posts on sort of a case-by-case basis.

For our regular Monday/Friday posts, we may also not post a graphic novel review every week. Fear not, though! Reviews will continue to make up the bulk of our content. Again, we’ve found ourselves in sticky situations with trying to read and keep up with the blog schedule and our personal schedules, so we may occasionally deviate from our normal reviews to write about other nerd things to give ourselves a break. We have done this in the past, and had great feedback from you, dear readers, so we hope you don’t mind too much.

This change – we hope – is only temporary, and the Twitter account will remain active. We may revisit the blog schedule at a later date when things calm down for the both of us. For now, however, we are saying goodbye to our regular Wednesday posts.

Thank you very much for your continued support, patience, and friendship! We’re both very grateful to have such a loving following ❤

–  Kathleen & Nancy

The dynamic duo!