One thing I don’t think I’ve told you guys: I LOVE Spyro the Dragon.

Not that Skylanders crap, though. Jeez, they made him UGLY. That shouldn’t have been possible, and yet they managed to do it. No, when I say I LOVE Spyro the Dragon (yes, it must always been in caps), I mean I’m a Spyro purist. Original trilogy plus Enter the Dragonfly because it was the first one I ever played. It doesn’t live up to the original trilogy, but has a special place in my heart nonetheless. As a wee lass, I was captivated by the bright candy colors, the phenomenal music, the way every unique level was infused with obvious love, and of course, by our favorite wise-cracking purple dragon and his sparkly dragonfly sidekick. Though I’ve replayed them many times over, and I didn’t get 100% in the first game until I was already an adult (thanks, Tree Tops), they have never lost their charm for me.

So you can imagine me, a woman in my mid-20s, learning they’re going to remake the series, and that it will be available this fall, and bursting into tears of joy. Watch the trailer below!

As you can see, they are completely revamping it. All the models and levels have been reworked, updated, and in HD. I don’t mind at all that it looks different – my mind knows it is, but in my heart, it looks exactly the way it looked to me as a child. They couldn’t have done better than that ❤


I know this news is a little old, but they announced one more thing yesterday that I just had to share…


He’s getting a Funko Pop figurine!!! LOOK HOW CUTE HE IS!!!!!! I LOVE HIM 😭😭😭

Man, this is a great year of gaming for me. We’ve gotten more news about Kingdom Hearts III than the past 13 years combined, SoulCalibur VI is getting the original roster back, and now a Spyro remake. My inner middle-schooler is sobbing with joy… okay… it’s me on the outside too…