Happy New Year, everybody! Let’s kick off the new year with a new (to our blog at least =P ) series! Part of this story was in the compilation volume For Better or For Worse, featuring my second favorite superhero couple, Green Arrow and Black Canary. I liked the art so much that I sought out the comic it came from!

Green Arrow is running around Star City once again. Only problem is, it’s not Connor Hawke. It’s Oliver Queen. As in, the supposed-to-be-dead Oliver Queen. He has absolutely no memory of the 20 or so years that have passed since his death. The last thing he remembers is going on a road trip with his best friend, Hal Jordan, one of the Green Lanterns. Oliver himself isn’t too worried about it at first. He’s trying to find the Star City Slayer, a villain who is kidnapping and killing children. The Justice League is extremely worried about him, and even Batman thinks it’s not really Oliver. Once it becomes clear that finding out what happened to him is linked to finding the Star City Slayer, will Oliver continue to deny his own mystery?

Wow! I have never read a Kevin Smith comic before, but now I want more!!! He writes Green Arrow with wit, humor, and heart. I laughed out loud more than once as I raced through the pages, desperate to know what happened to Ollie and how he came back to life. The tension between Oliver, the rest of the League, and the threat of the Star City Slayer is handled wonderfully. As I said, the art is what drew me to find this comic. It’s very clean. The lines are heavy, and the shadows are marked only with black areas. The anatomy is solid, and there are no unnecessary fan-servicey shots of female (or male, for that matter) parts. I’m stoked for the next volume and more of Oliver’s adventures!

– Kathleen

Smith, Kevin, Phil Hester, and Ande Parks. Green Arrow (Return, Vol. 1): Quiver. 2002.