In early January I used a Top 5 Wednesday writing prompt to share my 2017 goals. While some relate to the blog, others were for my personal life. Let’s see show I did! My updates will be in bold.

1) I need to get my sh*t together on posting! I’m always typing away on the day the post is due, I never have any in queue like Kathleen does! Usually I worked ahead of time on my alternating Wednesday posts, but my Friday posts were another matter. Friday is my day off, so I would block some time out in the morning to get it done, but often my Fridays fill up with a dozen other commitments, so I wouldn’t have the time I thought I would after all. But…my grad classes are ending, so I truly will have more time soon. 

2) Write more guest posts! I reviewed two books, Ink and Bone vs The Alex Crow, for the 2016 Tournament of Books through my Young Adult Services Forum committee that I belong to and reviewed Eleanor & Park for The Green Onion in November (2016). Plus, I have one half written for Just Dread-full, for I enjoy the challenge on writing on other subjects than just graphic novels and geek life. I managed this! I finished my post for Kalie’s blog, Just Dread-full about My First Fright, reviewed YA books Ghosts vs The Star Touched Queen for the 2017 Tournament of Books, shared my feelings about the movie Logan on Michael’s My Comic Relief site and schooled Rob on My Side of the Laundry Room on awesome 80’s toys for girls

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3) Hike more! My husband and I completed the 52 Hike Challenge last summer, and after a year of consistent hiking we fell out of the habit. Some of it can be attributed to raising three fabulous kids, work and grad school, but….  Cliff & I did hike more consistently. Not every week as we had during our challenge, but an improvement. As stated above, I will have more time since I will be done with school!! 

4) I like to take pictures of the outdoors, so I’d like to build my Instagram account with my nature pictures. I can take more pictures, IF I hike more! If you care to take a look at the less geeky part of my life, my account is nancyandnature. Success! I enjoy taking pictures and was followed by some nature and tourism sites, and had several pictures picked through out the year to be featured on the sites Only in Illinois, Midwest Snaps and Illinois Shots.

5) Live life with less regrets. I have a habit of looking backwards and second guessing myself. I must remember- no amount of anxiety can change the future, no amount of regret can change the past. Ugh- I will always struggle with this. But I am making progress! When I had a paid writing gig fall through, I was initially crushed. But I picked up the pieces and moved on with little second guessing. It wasn’t the right situation, and there will be future opportunities for me. So look, I am improving on this trait! 🙂

All in all, I met most of my goals, and feel proud of myself. I’m thrilled that I am graduating from Dominican University this month, and am hoping that brings some new career opportunities my way. In a few weeks, I hope to share my 2018 goals, so be on the lookout for those!