The Birds have moved to Platinum Flats, a Silicon Valley-type town where there’s a new startup on every corner. No one will pay any attention to the new Clocktower Systems, a.k.a. the Birds’ new nest. They came for one crime boss, but they quickly realize that it’s a lot more than one guy. A whole group of supervillans moonlighting as CEOs have formed a group called the Silican Syndicate, and they’re in the startup business solely for themselves. Oracle’s intel is good so far, but from a questionable source. How long until she gets a bad piece of information? And when the Joker shows up in town, will Babs be able to stand up to him?

A little corporate action was fun after the globe-trotting of the past few volumes. The tension was ratcheted up in this volume with the addition of the Joker. This was the first time he and Babs had come face-to-face after he shot her and put her in the wheelchair. Bab’s emotions about their confrontation were realistic and really tugged my heartstrings. Can’t wait for the next volume!

– Kathleen

Bedard, Tony, Michael O’Hare, Nicola Scott, and Claude St. Aubin. Birds of Prey (Vol. 12): Platinum Flats. 2009.