Here was a fascinating 300 page art collage of the same location over millions of years. We see the same location from millions of years BCE to thousands of the years in the future, but much of the narrative take place from colonial time to our modern era.

The central conceit is that we are peering into windows of time in which we witness moments from the mundane to the life changing. Unmoored from a linear timeline, the pages dance across the eons, sometimes touching on a family several times over, other times giving us just the briefest glimpse into a life.

Much of the story takes place in a home, so we are witness to the joys and sorrows that occur within a home’s walls. We meet Benjamin Franklin, who weaves in and out of the story, and is later referred to as a historical figure by more modern inhabitants. Vaguely reminiscent of Twilight Zone or Star Trek, each page was a portal into another dimension or time period.

I enjoyed the premise of the book, and while a fast read, I often flipped back and forth among the pages looking for common threads. Each time you pick up the book you will focus on something new, so it can be a different read each time.  The art was somewhat stylized, with a dull color palette, so it is the idea more than the art itself that will get you thinking about our place in history.