Bringing down the sociopathic daughter of a mobster: business as usual for the Birds. But somehow she’s harnessed a mysterious kind of magic and killed a lot of people in Metropolis. Superman, understandably, is pissed, and berates Babs for biting off more than she can chew. But Oracle WILL get to the bottom of this… whatever it takes. Even if it means she has to recruit the emotionally unstable Black Alice. Meanwhile, someone from Zinda’s past shows up – her distant past, from World War II. He’s after her memories, and Huntress can’t let her face that all by herself.

… Something just seemed off to me about this book. It wasn’t until Lady Blackhawk and Huntress go after Killer Shark that it hit me. Simone hadn’t written this one. Under her care, none of the Birds were treated as damsels in distress, especially not Zinda. So that bit was a little disturbing to me. Thankfully that was short-lived… unlike Misfit. I REALLY don’t like her and wish she would go away. It was still okay, but I feel it’s going off the rails a bit. Here’s hoping the next volume is better!

– Kathleen

McKeever, Sean, Nicola Scott, and Doug Hazelwood. Birds of Prey (Vol. 11): Metropolis or Dust. 2008.