Bigby’s left Fabletown, and he doesn’t want to be found. Mowgli has been sent by Mayor Charming to track him down. It proves difficult, but Mowgli has an edge on anyone else who might be looking: he can communicate with wolves. When the jungle boy finally catches up, will he impress upon Bigby how badly he’s needed back in Fabletown, or will the big bad wolf bite his head off? Bigby is torn. There is an important mission waiting for him upon his return to Fabletown, but there is also the dilemma of Snow White and their children… will she want to see him again?

Though Fabletown was interesting enough the last few volumes without him, I did miss having Bigby around and I’m glad he’s back. Don’t want to give too much away, but if you ship Bigby and Snow as much as I do, this volume will make you very happy ;D There is also a short story at the end about Cinderella, which was really fun. She does espionage for Fabletown and it was fun to see her work! The art is beautiful as always, and the covers are phenomenal. It’s been a while since my review of the last book, but as much as I love this series I’m really making an effort to go slow. I don’t wanna rush!!!

– Kathleen

Willingham, Bill, Steve Leialoha, Jim Fern, and Shawn McManus. Fables: The Deluxe Edition (Book 6). 2012.