Are y’all ready for this?



There is an island called Themyscira, hidden from the eyes of the world by the gods. There live the Amazons, the race created by the gods to serve them, keep to their ways, and defend the world from Ares should he rise again. The youngest of them, Diana, was eager to become a warrior, but her mother, the queen Hippolyta, has forbid it. The general of the Amazon army, Diana’s aunt Antiope, starts to train her. She knows the great power within her niece.

One day, the sky opens. A plane crashes in the sea, and Diana rescues the pilot. Unfortunately, he brought the navy chasing him to Theymisciran shores. A great battle ensues, with victory to the Amazons, but at great cost. With her dying breath, Antiope urges Diana simply to “Go.”

In questioning the pilot plucked from the sea, a man named Steve Trevor, the Amazons learn of the Great War, of the atrocities committed, of the millions of soldiers and civilians dead, and of the secret German laboratory where a new and devastating poison gas is being developed. A chemist named Dr. Maru and German General Erich Ludendorff are behind it. An Armistice is in the works, but Steve believes the Germans will deploy the gas no matter what. If Steve can get Dr. Maru’s notes back to London to present to the war council, he could save more lives from being lost.

All the Amazons believe it’s none of their business – save one.

Diana is sure that Ares has returned and is behind the Great War. She feels a calling deep within to fulfill the Amazonian mission and stop him. She arms herself with her shield, her armor, and the Godkiller sword saved for the occasion when he would arise again. Together, Diana and Steve escape Theymiscira and journey to London and into the heart of the war itself, to kill the god of war and bring peace to mankind.

I’m gonna be honest: I was in tears the entire first half of the movie.

It wasn’t necessarily because it’s a sad movie. It certainly does have heart-wrenching moments. We see the atrocities of World War I as we have seen in photographs and in other movies, but this time, through Diana’s innocent eyes… war truly is evil. We see soldiers wounded, dying, dead, and then we see Diana’s face: shocked, horrified, eyes filled with tears. It hits you hard. You wonder as she does how something like this can happen, could ever be allowed to happen.

My tears were mostly those of joy. And the no-man’s land scene (believe me, you’ll know it when it starts)… oh man. Niagara Falls.

Up until that point, we see Diana as Diana of Themyscira and Diana Prince. But that scene… that was Wonder Woman. In all of her beautiful, compassionate, get-shit-done glory. That was Wonder Woman’s first cinematic debut (not counting BvS as it was a cameo, even if she was the best part) in seventy-five years of comic book history.

I cried for joy. I cried because it was a victory for her. I cried because it was a victory for her women fans, all women everywhere really, to finally see her on the big screen. I cried because that scene is so perfect, so true to the essence of Wonder Woman’s character.

I cried because Gal Gadot IS Wonder Woman. There is no one that could have done it better. Her performance completely blew me away. She was at turns wide-eyed and innocent, horrified at her first glimpse of man’s world, yet loving and compassionate. She embodied everything Wonder Woman stands for, and for that I am overjoyed and eternally grateful.

All other casting was spot-on. Chris Pine as Steve Trevor was brilliant. He and Gal had real chemistry, and their dialogue ranges from light and silly to deeply profound. He was the perfect jaded counterpart to Diana’s naivete. Their romance was not at all forced, and was perfectly placed within (read as: THANKFULLY TOOK A BACKSEAT TO) the larger story. I liked that you see Amazons of all ages, not just young women like Diana. Connie Nielson and Robin Wright were as loving to Diana as they were fierce in battle.

The movie was also BEAUTIFUL. The cinematography and editing were PHENOMENAL. I felt a lot of the time I was looking at a moving painting. The music was fabulous. It’s obvious this film was crafted with much care and a whole lot of love on all fronts.

My only nitpick? How Ares was handled. But I’ll wait until some more of you have seen it to go into details 😉

I loved it. It was beautiful, funny, at times devastating but overall hopeful and inspiring – all things the DCEU as a whole has not been able to accomplish. And best of all, it was true to the heroine we all know and love. I am planning on seeing it again in theaters, and I’ve only done that with one other movie in my entire life. I’m planning on bringing my mother, my sisters, my friends, my boyfriend again (he loved it just as much as I did, btw =P ), anyone and anyone who will come with me. I and many others have waited for Wonder Woman for a long time. Let’s show them we want more.

– Kathleen

P.S. My very favorite trope managed to sneak in: Amazons and ice cream!!! ;D