I’ve been teasing this review for way too long, and in honor of the movie coming out (review of that coming on Wednesday!), thought it was time =P

Long ago, the Amazons were created by the gods to worship them and keep to their ways. Heracles sought to conquer them, and the gods were angry when the Amazons took their revenge. They were banished to the island of Themyscira, to stand guard over the evil there, and they were to keep their chains of bondage in order to remind them never to err again from the ways of the gods. Their queen, Hippolyle, wished for nothing but a daughter, and the gods granted her one last miracle – Diana. She is raised as the daughter of all the Amazons. When Ares rises and starts to wreck Man’s World, the Amazons hold a tournament to decide their champion, who will leave their home and slay the evil. None other than Diana wins the tournament, and what kind of heroine will she be to Man’s World?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: This is my favorite incarnation of Wonder Woman. The origins of the Amazons and Diana herself are steeped strongly in Greek mythology, and we get multiple scenes of the Greek pantheon. Quite a while is spent on the origins stories, but once Diana gets off the island, the action ratchets up, with appearances by Cheetah and Silver Swan. Diana is strong and beautiful, dedicated to her mission, but never forgets where she comes from. I absolutely love all the ’80s cheesiness in the dialogue! The art is GORGEOUS. The palette is mostly pastel, with light shading, but stronger colors and starker shading are used as appropriate. Each illustration is filled with light, as befitting the Amazon princess. I highly recommend it to anyone – especially those who want to start reading Wonder Woman.


Perez, George. Wonder Woman by George Perez Omnibus, Vol. 1. 2015.