After seeing a Facebook post with a screenshot of a 95% Tomatometer for Wonder Woman from Rotten Tomatoes, I absolutely had to check for myself.

OP was wrong.

Wonder Woman has a 97% APPROVAL RATING!!!

And is the only DC Extended Universe movie (Man of Steel on) to be CERTIFIED FRESH!!!

For comparison:

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with a 28% critic approval rating, 63% audience score.

The only closest rating from DCEU? Man of Steel, with 55% critic approval, 75% audience approval.

But wait? What about Marvel, who’s movies even I admit are generally better than DC’s? The highest rated Marvel film was Iron Man, with 94% of critics approving and 91% of audience members loving it.

In fact, the only other superhero movie with a 97% critic approval rating isn’t from Marvel or DC, but from Pixar! The Incredibles holds that honor.

I’m so incredibly excited for this weekend when my boyfriend and I will see it!!! BvS didn’t sit right with me the more I thought about it and Deadshot: The Movie Suicide Squad, while better, was still not as good as it could have been. I’m still cautiously optimistic for Justice League, but right now, as far as my girl’s concerned, all caution has been thrown to the wind! BREAK OUT THE TIARA AND BRACELETS THIS HYPE TRAIN HAS LEFT THE STATION

– Kathleen