The truth has been hidden from Wonder Woman. Who she was, who she is, how she came to be… all are confused and jumbled in her mind. She no longer knows the truth, and she can no longer get back to her home, Themyscira. The way has never been closed to her before, and she is worried. She sets out to find the truth, and who has deceived her so. She needs to get back home, and the only person who might be able to help her is Cheetah. Can she convince Cheetah to help her get home and find the truth? Or are Cheetah’s claws too sharp?

I must confess I haven’t read any New 52 WW after Azzarello and Chiang, so I was going in a little blind. I was able to pick things up well enough, though. The art is beautiful: feral and rugged and dark, as if everything was shrouded in mist, obscuring the truth from both us and Diana. We see how human she is here, in her confusion and her overwhelming desire to go back home. She’s not a goddess, not a superhero, not anything else she’s been called… she’s just a woman who wants to go home. I think that is the real power in this story. I look forward to more.

– Kathleen

Rucka, Greg, Liam Sharp, and Laura Martin. Wonder Woman (Rebirth, Vol. 1): The Lies. 2017.