***Spoilers for BvS and Suicide Squad ahead***


After the death of Superman and the post-credits scene between Amanda Waller and Bruce Wayne in Squad, the age of heroes does indeed need to come again. There is a new threat to the earth. What it is isn’t clear yet, but it’s a thing and it’s coming. Bruce and Diana are gathering what metahumans they can from Amanda Waller’s files. So far they’ve got Arthur Curry, Aquaman; Victor Stone, Cyborg; and Barry Allen, the Flash. Together, they kick some serious butt while listening to a hard rock Beatles cover.

(Sorry, I am soooo incredibly tired… don’t mean to sound so salty. Guess that’s my attempt at a literal trailer =P )

The part I liked best was actually how prominent Aquaman was. He seems like a cool guy! Scary but cracking jokes (the whole trailer was more lighthearted, kinda like Suicide Squad, though the color palette is a little darker. Guess they’re going for dark humor?). It really seems like we’ll get to see how powerful he is! Wish there was more Cyborg, but hopefully in a future trailer. I am so not sold on Ezra Miller’s Flash. Grant Gustin is my Barry Allen 5ever!!! ❤

Of course… my very favorite part… is at 1:58 when WW lands in front of Aquaman and he steps back all startled… that’s right you best get out the way for my girl 8D XD

Who else is hyped???

– Kathleen