More WW oneshots~

  • Generations (written by Michael Jelenic; art by Dre Johnson, Ray Snyder, Lizzy John, and Saida Temofonte): Diana reflects on her mother’s teachings as she acquires a once-in-a-lifetime birthday gift for her. Beautiful lighting and we get a cameo of Hippolyta in WW-esque garb! ❤
  • Not Included (written by Adam P. Knave; art by Matthew Dow Smith, Rex Lokus, and Deron Bennett): Diana and Big Barda encounter some gorilla robots at a museum, but what they find belowground in the labs is cause for compassion instead of violence. The blocky and angular art didn’t quite match the message.
  • Venus Rising (written by Alex de Campi; art by Neil Googe, Len O’Grady, Carrie Strachan, Wendy Broome, and Saida Temofonte): Astronauts request Superman’s help repairing the first spaceship colony on Venus – and the head guy in charge isn’t too happy to receive Diana. WONDER WOMAN IN A HIJAB!!! ❤
  • Rescue Angel (written by Amy Chu; art by Bernard Chand, Wendy Broome, and Saida Temofonte): A group of soldiers ambushed on a peace mission in Afghanistan are rescued – by their new recruit, or by an angel wearing red, white, and blue? This one brought me to tears.
  • Sabotage is in the Stars (written by Heather Nuhfer; art by Ryan Benjamin and Saida Temofonte): On the other hand, I couldn’t even tell you what this was about because the story was phenomenal at being so convoluted in so short a space. Art was a mess as well.
  • Wonder World (written by James Tynion IV; art by Noelle Stevenson): An incredibly cute story of a teenage Diana venturing into man’s world for the first time and ending up on a pier on another girl’s birthday. Adventure Time-esque art and incredibly expressive characters made this a joy.
  • The Problem with Cats (written by Lauren Beukes; art by Mike Maihack): Two sisters learn to be honest with each other when the older catches the younger one playing Wonder Woman with her dolls. Adorable watercolor art ❤
  • Girls’ Day Out (written by Cecil Castellucci; art by Chris Sprouse, Karl Story, Jordie Bellaire, and Todd Klein): Wonder Woman’s interview with Lois Lane gets interrupted. I loooove me some Lois and Diana kicking monster butt together >:D
  • VIP (written by Sara Ryan; art by Christian Duce, Wendy Broomw, and Saida Temofonte): Diana helps a superstar with her stalker problem. This is as compassionate as Diana could possibly get ❤
  • Casualties of War (written and drawn by Aaron Lopresti, HI-FI, and Saida Temofonte): A literal dragon comes back from Diana’s past to haunt her. Interesting dialogue about choosing to kill.

Overall I liked this one a little better than the first. Most of the stories were written and drawn in a more contemporary manner, while the first had more stories that evoked older comics. With the vast variety of authors and artists, there is something in here for everyone, whether or not you’re a hardcore WW fan.

– Kathleen

Various. Sensation Comics feat. Wonder Woman (Vol. 2). 2015.