It’s finals time at DC Superhero High! Each girl is struggling with test anxiety, putting the final touches on her projects, and finding a quiet place to study. However, one by one… the girls go missing! Someone much bigger and powerful than they – even Wonder Woman! – are cornering the girls and taking them to a secret lair. Who is it? Can the girls band together and stop whoever the culprit is? Can they do it in time to show up for finals?

I’ll get around to watching this show… in my infinite free time… lol XD The comic is bright and colorful, with rounded forms and animated interactions between characters. I love the designs for the girls – Diana is wearing PANTS (I love when they give her pants) and Bumblebee has an undercut, which I thought was too cute! There are lots of cameos from other DC heroes and villains, which was a nice surprise. There’s a great message about teamwork and friendship. Overall a wonderful introduction to the DCU and its heroines for young girls ❤

– Kathleen

Fontana, Shea, and Yancey Labat. DC Superhero Girls (Vol. 1): Finals Crisis. 2016.