We recently were nominated for the Blogger Appreciation Award by The Green Onion, and we couldn’t be more pleased, especially because of his kind words: “There is a long history between our blogs and I couldn’t be more lucky.  Not only are they friendly, helpful, kind, sweet, wonderful people.  They have an intellectual point of view on one of my favourite topics, graphic novels.  What separates them from the many other comic bloggers is their collection.  Not limiting themselves to certain brands, genres, or titles, they review a wide range of comic books with an open, unbiased, astute perspective.” Thank you kind sir! And if we could give this award right back to you, we would, for your blog is outstanding! You have insightful, funny and eclectic posts that we look forward to reading daily. But one thing…you might want to be more careful with your password-your blog was hacked recently and a very red, angry and delusional blogger took over for a week’s time! 😉

So now we give our shout outs to bloggers we find awesome for this award is mostly an opportunity to give recognition to other bloggers that have an impact on you. Within this blogging community, we have made some wonderful friends, and we have some repeats from The Green Onion, as we are friends with some of the same people. But I don’t think any of them will mind getting double the love!

Michael @ My Comic Relief is our blogging BFF! The Green Onion claims Michael is his favorite, but no, he is ours! Michael has been incredibly supportive and always has a positive word to say to everyone. His comic and movie reviews are always heartfelt and thoughtful, but lately his posts about political activism have been must reads. A theology teacher, he really digs deep for the big picture. His students are lucky- we’d like to sit in on one of his classes!

Jeffrey @ Imperial Talker  has a fantastic blog about Star Wars. His knowledge of the SW universe is vast, and his posts make us look at the movies and television shows in a new way. He is a regular presence on Twitter and Nancy has had the pleasure of having thoughtful conversations with him about far ranging topics. More Star Wars haiku posts please!

Jeremy @ Jerscomicbooks is a recent find for us. His Music Monday posts should not be missed and his comic books features are often on books that we haven’t read yet, so his blogs give us a broader idea of what’s out there. His wonderful reviews have helped shape our ever growing TBR lists!

Rash the Doctor loves graphic and fantasy novels, and his reviews for books in these two genres are excellent. He is a regular commenter, and when he took a hiatus a few months back, we missed his humor and insights. Back now, he writes more of his reviews on Goodreads, but still blogs here too.

Shannigans @ Reads & Reels is a blogger we aspire to! She participates regularly in book tours and her reviews cover versatile topics in movies, pop culture and novels. Her graphics are top notch, and she is a positive force in the comments section.

Rob @ My Side of the Laundry Room takes us back to the 80’s with his great posts about games, movies, cartoons and memorabilia of that era. He highlights forgotten gems, and his fond reminiscing make for a epic site.  He could give Parzival in Ready Player One a run for his money!

Danielle @ Books Vertigo & Tea shares the love! Not only are her posts excellent, but we enjoy checking out her Twitter feed to find out whose posts she is spotlighting. She is confident enough in her own marvelous blog, to want to compliment and help other blogger’s readership grow. Her kindness is a character trait more should want to emulate.

Kristen @ The Brunette Bookworm Blog writes lovely and thoughtful reviews about books and GNs ❤ In addition to her discussion posts, she also recaps what she read each month, which is a really good idea!

Zoë @ Escaping in Paper linked her blog with her Instagram and we enjoy looking at her lovely photos of what she’s reading. Hope she follows through on her promise to post some of her art on the blog~

Thank you again to The Green Onion for this blogging award! We hope that the love we shared, will branch out to other bloggers being recognized also!

-Nancy & Kathleen