I opted for Down to Earth as the only one to pick up from Diana’s 75th Anniversary box set… it was the only one I hadn’t read yet! XD

Jonah McCarthy has been hired as another assistant to Diana, Ambassador of Theymiscira to the UN. They could use the extra help at the office. She’s poised to publish her first book, titled “Reflections,” which collects some of her best speeches and essays from her time in man’s world. There are some who aren’t happy with what she says. Her words promote ideals like peace, feminism, taking care of the earth, but some twist that to mean she’s promoting pagan worship and deviance from the American way of life. Despite the divide, everyone is reading it, including the gods of Olympus. Could the controversy be good for Diana’s image, or will it destroy her and all she’s worked for?

Rucka is an exceptional writer. The story sucked me in and held me there until I finished. The art was decent. It reminded me a little of Birds of Prey (they were written around the same time), but simpler. Some things nearer to the foreground should have been more detailed in places. The character design of some of the gods especially were updated for a new millenium, which was kinda cool.

The state of the world in 2002, when the series was originally published, is very obvious in this comic. People are scared. People are looking for inspiration – a hero. People are also tearing down the truth and replacing it with fear-driven nationalist rhetoric. It bears striking resemblance to what is happening in the world today with the recent change of management, if you will. I will definitely be reading more.

– Kathleen

Rucka, Greg, Drew Johnson, and Ray Snyder. Wonder Woman: Down to Earth (75th Anniversary Edition). 2016.