Various. Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman (Vol. 1). 2015.

This is a book basically of little Wonder Woman oneshots!

  • “Gothamazon” imagines Wonder Woman taking over for Batman as the entire Gotham Rogues Gallery comes out for a little mayhem. Art and character design recalls the late ’90s – early 2000s. Written by Gail Simone, illustrated by Ethan van Sciver, Marcelo di Chiara, Brian Miller, and Saida Temofonte.
  • “Defender of Truth” sees Diana taking on Circe in Washington DC as she starts turning men into all sorts of mythological creatures. Definitely New 52 in the costume design. Really neat magical effects. Written by Amanda Deibert, illustrated by Cat Taggs, John Rauch, and Saida Temofonte.
  • In “Brace Yourself”, we see Diana in her youth earning her Amazon bracelets, one blessed by Athena, and the other she must earn in combat with her own mother. Funny and heartwarming. Baby!Diana is a weakness of mine. Written by Jason Bischoff, illustrated by David A. Williams, Wendy Broome, and Saida Temofonte.
  • “Taketh Away” imagines Diana’s life and thought process if her gods-given power was taken away. The art and writing are both delicately lovely. Written by Ivan Cohen, illustrated by Marcus To, Andrew Dalhouse, and Deron Bennet.
  • What if Diana was in a rock band? You’ve got your answer in “Bullets and Bracelets.” I loved this one especially because of the artist! ;D Written by Sean E. Williams, illustrated by Marguerite Sauvage, and Deron Bennett.
  • “Morning Coffee” is a hilarously cute meeting between a sleep-deprived Diana and the crafty Catwoman. Almost chibi-like illustration. Written by Ollie Masters, illustrated by Amy Mebberson, and Deron Bennett.
  • “No Chains Can Hold Her” harkens back to the Golden Age of comics, complete with talking lizards and featuring appearances by Supergirl and Miss Marvel. Flat, two-dimensional art really make it feel like an old comic. Written and illustrated by Gilbert Hernandez, John Rauch, and Deron Bennett.
  • “Attack of the 500-Foot Wonder Woman” takes Diana to – literally – gargantuan proportions as she helps Hawkman and Hawkgirl fight Byrh! Written by Rob Williams, illustrated by Tom Lyle, Wendy Broome, and Saida Temofonte.
  • “Ghosts and Gods” teams up Etta Candy and Diana against the devious Ra’s al Ghul! Another art style evocative of older comics. Written by Neil Kleid, illustrated by Dean Haspiel, Allen Passalaqua, and Saida Temofonte.
  • In “Dig for Fire”, Hipollyta charges Diana with going to Apokolips to find out what’s become of her informants there. Very stark, almost two-tone palette evokes Apokolips’ bleak atmosphere. Written by Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman, illustrated by Gabriel Hardman, Jordan Boyd, and Saida Temofonte.

Overall, I liked this little anthology. Each story recalled a different era of comics, and each one has a different art style, which I thought was kind of cool. Some I liked better than others, because of the art style or the story and such. But Diana is awesome in all of them!

It’s a fun one to have if you’re a WW fan, maybe not for re-read value but just to flip through once in a while. It would probably also make a good introduction to her character, if not comics as a whole, just to see what pops out for different readers.

– Kathleen