Simone, Gail, Tony Bedard, Nicola Scott, Paulo Sequeira, and James Raiz. Birds of Prey (Vol. 8): Blood & Circuits. 2007.

Dinah has returned from Asia, and she’s brought someone home with her. Her name is Sin, and she was born and raised in the harrowing assassin camp Dinah was training in. Taking Sin under her wing has proven to be more rewarding, yet more challenging, than Dinah had anticipated. She’s made a decision… to leave the Birds of Prey. How will the others take the news? How can they possibly go on without her? While Dinah is starting a new future, someone from Barbara’s past has wormed her way back into her life… and it’s not good for the already fractured Birds.

Dinah with a kid hit me in places I didn’t know I could have feels. We learn a bit more about Dinah’s past and her relationship with her mother in this volume, which serves as a bit of motivation for why she took Sin in. It’s obvious that while Barbara, Helena, and Zinda are happy that Dinah is spreading her wings, they’re devastated to see her go, too. The Birds really are a family and it shows in the first half of this volume. The second half, with the new roster, is all action (for those of you who can’t take too many feels =P )!

– Kathleen

P.S…. I’m not sorry for all the bird puns.