Willingham, Bill, Mark Buckingham, Steve Leialoha, Tony Akins, and Jimmy Palmiotti. Fables (The Deluxe Edition): Vol. 3. 2011.

Spring is finally arriving in New York. However, a storm is coming for Fabletown – one no one is sure they’ll survive. A spy has been uncovered by a covert agent of Bigby’s. They have been smuggling information about Fabletown’s defenses and provisions back to the Homelands, to the Adversary himself. This operation has been completely hush-hush, but it would have been forgotten anyway, with the miraculous return of a Fable from the Homelands. No one has ever escaped the Homelands since the Exodus. Around the same time, strangers in black suits and sunglasses have shown up, gathering weapons… could they be related? Could the last refuge of the Fables become their burial ground after all these years?

The first issue especially refers back to TWAU and ties up some loose ends the game left. This volume was particularly riveting: first we get some spy work, then a miraculous return laced with mistrust, and an epic battle. There is a beautiful two-page spread of the battleground. The artists did a fantastic job with both the battle shots, and with the dynamic panel layouts to keep the action moving. I’m as enthralled as ever.

– Kathleen

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