Willingham, Bill, Lan Medina, Craig Hamilton, Bryan Talbot, Linda Medley, Steve Leialoha, and P. Craig Russell. Fables: The Deluxe Edition (Book Two). 2010.

Honestly I can’t read these fast enough!!! XD The first half of the book had the entire last half of the first book, which I thought was strange. Since I’d read it, I skipped ahead.

After the incident at the Farm, Rose Red is running it, and Snow White is recovering nicely from her injury. Goldilocks has escaped, but no one can find her. Turns out she’s shacking up with Bluebeard, and they can’t risk anyone finding out. Bluebeard puts Snow and Bigby under a spell and gives them instructions. They wake up in a tent the middle of nowhere, not knowing where they are or how they got there. They set off to find civilization, but something – or someone – is stalking them…

After the Storybook Love arc, the story continues with little oneshots of different Fable stories. It’s really fun to see how things are rearranged and different Fables interact. At the end there was even the written story of the first time Snow and Bigby met, complete with black and white illustrations that look like woodcuts.

This volume gave a little more insight into Bigby and Snow’s relationship, especially before the Fables relocated to the Mundy world. It also explains why Bigby smokes so much, if you played TWAU and were curious about it =P I normally don’t like when too many artists work in the same book, but in this instance, it works. I think they did a really good job of picking artists whose style reflects the particular arc or story they’re working on. Can’t wait for more!

– Kathleen

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