Byrne, John. Wonder Woman (II, Vol. 7): Second Genesis. 1997.

I am really skipping around with my Wonder Woman, and I am sorry XD The second series begins with George Perez’s ’80’s run, the omnibus of which I’m slooowly moving through. After him came William Messner-Loebs’ The Contest and The Challenge of Artemis, which I’ve read but not reviewed. This volume comes right after The Challenge of Artemis.

Wonder Woman has relocated to Gateway City, where she hears of strange happenings. Criminals who are no more than petty thieves have suddenly gotten their hands on expensive and deadly weaponry. Diana discovers they are being supplied by none other than Darksied, to draw her out and use her in an invasion against Paradise Island. Diana rushes to warn her mother and sisters, only to find that she may be too late. Can even Amazons stand against Darksied?

I didn’t like it, but I didn’t hate it either. It’s just kind of bland. The story and characters weren’t very well fleshed out. The art was atrocious; it seemed really unfinished. It was really sketchy, unnecessary lines everywhere, and it looks out of focus. Everything that’s not in the foreground looks like rushed blobs. I need to dig out my omnibus again so I can get back to the good part of this series…

– Kathleen