My life has been nuts lately, so what better book to check out than Squirrel Girl!

This book has been highly recommended by my friend Michael at My Comic Relief who waxes poetic about this series. Combined with my need for a short book to review this week, due to a time crunch with the upcoming holidays and a big final project due in one of my grad classes, I gave it a go. The book was funny, quirky, girl-friendly, and well-drawn…but a bit annoying.

We are introduced to Doreen, aka Squirrel Girl, who is moving into her college dorm and meeting her roommate Nancy (♥) for the first time. To hide her secret identity, Doreen tucks her tail into her pants, giving her a Kardashian look on her already voluptuous figure. Already, I like that she is realistically proportioned, and not some fanboy version of what a female should look like.

She gets pulled into battles with Kraven the Hunter, Whiplash, and later with the mighty Galactus in between attending classes. How does she fight these supervillains, when her powers are not equal to theirs? She talks them to death. The back-and-forth banter between all the characters is clever, with additional social media inserts that are amusing, but at times overkill. In addition, there is running commentary at the bottom of many pages that I found distracting.

The artwork is bright and attractive, with a varied layout of panels that pull you into the story. The Deadpool cards were an awesome addition. I loved how they put the first time SG ever appeared in a Marvel comic, and her story with Iron Man, in this book. Flashback to the epic costumes and drawing styles of the late 80s/early 90s! While this is somewhat her origin story, I would like more info on how she acquired her powers.

I look forward to Michael’s longer and more in-depth blog about Doreen. He will certainly make connections that I couldn’t muster during my initial read-through. This short and sweet review will have to do for now. So remember- you don’t need luck, just eat nuts!


Marvel images, but compiled by Cosplay Amino