Bennett, Marguerite, Kieron Gillen, Setphanie Hans, Marguerite Savauge, Irene Koh, Frazer Irving, Kody Chaimberlain. 1602 Witch Hunter Angela. 2016.

This story takes place in the Marvel 1602 universe. Angela and Serah are witch hunters, who find and capture – or kill – those with supernatural abilities. But something more sinister has surfaced. There are people running around who have witch-like powers, but who aren’t witches. They are Faustians, who traded a part of themselves to the fey Enchantress for their heart’s deepest desire in return. Enchantress prophesizes that when Angela kills 3 Faustians, her beloved Serah will die. Serah takes it in stride, saying that nothing, not even death, will keep them apart, but Angela isn’t so sure. Even so, they have a mission. They wander the English countryside, looking for more Faustians and doing their duty even as they try to figure out how to break the curse.

You guys may know I read very little Marvel. Characters popped up that were obviously cameos but I didn’t get who half of them were. There was a cameo by Guardians of the Galaxy tho which was pretty awesome XD The art ranged from looking like a medieval painting to cartoony, but it was always atmospheric with dramatic lighting. I picked it up because Bennett is also the author of Bombshells, and it didn’t disappoint. This edition had the first issue of Marvel: 1602 at the end, which was pretty cool. I might pick it up even if it’s been reviewed here already =P

– Kathleen