Vaughan, Brian K., Cliff Chiang, Matt Wilson, and Jared K. Fletcher. Papergirls (Vol. 1). 2016.

Erin is a newspaper girl growing up in Stony Stream, Ohio, in the late ’80s. The day after Halloween, 1988, she gets up and goes to work as usual. She meets a few of the other papergirls in the subdivision on her route, who have decided to group up to keep themselves safe. There’s Tiffany, a techie; KJ, incredibly book-smart; and the legendary Mac, who was the first papergirl on the block, foul-mouthed and tough and deeply caring for her friends. They set off together, not knowing there were more than just lingering ghosts and ghouls waiting for them. First they’re attacked by hooded things, then they uncover… a spaceship? And the rest of the neighborhood, their friends and families, all gone. What is going on? Can these four twelve-year old girls save the world?

I got the impression from the blurb on the back that it was more of a mystery with supernatural elements. But it’s kind of a really weird space travel, time travel, demon and angel type thing. It was super weird. Way over my threshold of weird. However, I did appreciate that all of the girls were of different ethnicities, and Cliff Chiang’s art is always a favorite. It was nice to look at but the story was so convoluted with too many odd elements clashing together that I am not interested in reading any more.

– Kathleen