Michael at My Comic Relief nominated us for this award that acknowledges “bloggers who are positive and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”. Before you read any further, make sure you check out Michael’s crazy good and insightful blog, for right now he’s wrapping up a four part series on the different incarnations of the tv/movie Jokers! Pick your favorite Joker and tell him why!

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1)  What are the five best films of the decade thus far (so that’s 2010-2016)?

Nancy: Star Wars- The Force Awakens is by far the best.  I really am stumped for others, as I don’t see many movies, and while I like a lot, there are no others that truly stand out like SW. But I will give a shout out to At Any Price because my family and I are in this movie! Seriously! We were picked from a casting call of thousands and are in a scene at the concessions stand between Dennis Quaid and Clancy Brown. My husband and daughter do a walk by the actors, and the boys and I are sitting at a picnic table behind the two men. Blink and you’ll miss us.

Kathleen: I don’t get to movies much, so I’m not sure how great these movies really are in the grand scheme of things XD I loved Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Lego Movie, Out of the Furnace, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and Deadpool.


2)  What is a television show that you would suggest to anyone?

Nancy: The Americans on FX- married undercover spies from Mother Russia in the DC area in the 1980’s. Love the intrigue, the era, the actors!

Kathleen: Bob’s Burgers. Too many adult animated shows rely on crude humor or humor that hurts others, but this show is funny because it’s just plain written well. At it’s core, it’s about a family who loves each other. It’s heartwarming, a little ridiculous, but genuinely hilarious.

3)  Is there a movie you liked better than the book?

Nancy: The Magic of Ordinary Days which was a Hallmark movie. I liked the ending in the movie more than the book ending.

Kathleen: Brooklyn! The movie was soooo much better honestly just skip the book.

4)  What book deserves its own television series?

Nancy: Locke and Key! They tried a series a few years back and shot a pilot but it didn’t get picked up. Fingers crossed that it will get off the ground this time around.

Kathleen: The Hollows series by Kim Harrison, but it would do better as an animated series rather than a live action one, I think.

5)  What is your favorite movie soundtrack?

Nancy: Forest Gump! Love the evocative music throughout the decades.

Kathleen: Batman Forever. Sue me 8D

6)  What is your favorite movie score (c’mon, they’re different!)?

Nancy: Phantom of the Opera, by Andrew Lloyd Weber. When my family is not around I love to sing the theme song.

Kathleen: Lord of the Rings!!! Or Sweeney Todd.

7) Do you prefer a movie theatre or the couch at home for your initial viewing of a film?

Nancy: Some movies such as the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises deserve the theatre experience, but I’m a busy mother- real life often dictates the couch!

Kathleen: Theater, because of the shared experience. Couch is a very close second – more room to cuddle the boyfriend =P


8)  What is your favorite genre of film?  Why?

Nancy: Suspense. I like it to have a dose of action, romance and intrigue. I want to figure out who did it!

Kathleen: Fantasy! With a dash of action and romance =P

9)  What movie do you wish had a sequel that doesn’t?

Nancy: The Incredibles! Why in the world did Cars get two sequels while the amazing Incredibles did not?? I heard that finally Incredibles 2 will be released in 2018- 14 years after the first.

Kathleen: Repo! The Genetic Opera. The ending was both tied up nicely and left a lot of things open to the imagination at the same time. I need more!!!

10)  Do you read the book and then see the movie or see the movie and then read the book??

Nancy: Are you kidding? Book first! (Except for the Outlander tv series- those books are monsters to get through).

Kathleen: I’m with Nancy! Book first, duh!


11)  What role do films and going to/watching movies play in your life?

Nancy: Not much unfortunately. See my answer to questions #1& #9, for I have a time crunch of epic proportions. I have a huge list of movies I’d like to see some day, but that might be when my three and grown and flown!

Kathleen: I’m more into TV shows than movies, so I mostly rewatch movies to unwind when my TV queue isn’t too full.


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Thank you again Michael for the nomination!

-Nancy & Kathleen