Simone, Gail, Nicola Scott, Fernando Dagnino, Aaron Lopresti, Matt Ryan, and Doug Hazelwood. Wonder Woman (III, Vol. 7): Contagion. 2010.

Since her very first volume of Birds of Prey, I’m absolutely convinced I have to read everything Gail Simone writes. Lucky for me she wrote some Wonder Woman~ Silly me got the last volume she wrote though so we’re starting at the end with this one XD

There are basically two stories in this volume. The first, titled “A Murder of Crows,” shows Wonder Woman struggling with multiple events in Washington, D.C.: an escaped mythical serpent, the arson of a synagogue, multiple riots and mob violence. These things seem unrelated, but could they actually be linked? Diana figures it out when Power Girl attacks her, but she needs to calm her down in order for them to work together!

The second story, “Wrath of the Silver Serpent,” takes place just after the first. While cleaning the city from the last attack, there appears to be an alien invasion – by something resembling Lantern power! Diana soon discovers that the commander of the forces is someone much closer to her than she thinks. Can she show them the power of compassion before they feast on the entire earth?

Simone’s writing is as superb as ever. I really love how she wrote Wonder Woman. I also really like how she wrote Power Girl and Wonder Woman together. They each had separate thoughts about the other heroine and they were entertaining. They both admired and were jealous of each other for the same reasons. The art was pretty good, but the writing shone more. For it being the end of an arc, it had a pretty happy ending, which always makes me happy =D Now to start from the beginning!!! XD

– Kathleen