Williams III, J.H., W. Haden Blackman, Amy Reader, Richard Friend, and Dave Stewart. Batwoman (Vol. 1): Hydrology. 2012.

I loved Eulogy so much I reached for more Batwoman. Such a good decision~

After the tragic events of Eulogy, Kate is no longer speaking to her father – keeping that big of a secret from her is unforgivable. She works with her cousin, Bette Kane (otherwise known as Flamebird), to keep Gotham safe. A new supernatural terror is preying on Gotham’s children: a specter named La Llorona, the Weeping Woman. She is named after a Mexican urban legend depicting a woman who, upon letting her children drown in a river, drowns herself, but is turned away from heaven and forced to walk the earth as a spirit. No one knows if the children she takes are dead or simply missing. Batwoman races against the clock to find the children, as the government chases her, trying to figure out who she is… and they’ll do anything and hurt anyone close to Kate to find out.

The art in this book was just as beautiful and trippy as it was in Eulogy. I keep coming back mostly for the art tbh. We get a little bit of Batman here, which is fun. We also see Kate trying to move on with her life. La Llorona was a great villain to either act as a catalyst for Kate to finally move on – or drown in her own grief and guilt.

– Kathleen