Wein, Len, and Curt Swan. Wonder Woman: The Twelve Labors. 2012.

Wonder Woman resigned from the Justice League when she lost her powers. After she recovers them, she feels she is no longer worthy to be a member of the JLA. The League, desperate to have her back, comes up with a compromise: if Wonder Woman can overcome twelve tasks on her own, observed but without interference from any League members, she will be reinstated. What follows is the Twelve Labors of Wonder Woman: a dozen tasks against villains of the super and not-so-super variety, nefarious plots and schemes, and even against herself.

This book was awesome. It showcased Wonder Woman but was a Justice League story at the same time. Each issue tells the story of a different task, and each is narrated by a different member of the League. Not only do you see the big ones like Superman, Batman, and Flash, but you also get Red Tornado, Black Canary, the Atom, and many more. This story ran from 1974-5 and the writing is campy and melodramatic, and the art super saturated and wonky and I just loved it so much XD My boyfriend reaches for these comics more often than I do, and it was fun to try it out~

– Kathleen