Straczynski, J. Michael, John Romita Jr., and Scott Hanna. The Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1): Coming Home. 2001.

Nancy challenged me to read a Marvel comic since I haven’t read/reviewed one yet. I’m never one to back down from a challenge =P I picked Spiderman because he’s the Marvel character I’m most familiar with, and this book in particular because I like the author.

Peter Parker feels more alone than ever. He just moved into a crappy apartment after Mary Jane’s departure. He feels himself growing distant from his Aunt Mae and his every day life. Then his world flips upside down when, out web-slinging one night, he happens upon a man who can cling to walls – just like Peter can. He’s not evil though, just… weird. He asks Peter all these philosophical questions about how he thinks he got his powers, saying that he needs to understand in order to survive what’s coming, and leaps off into the night. Something is pursuing Peter, something ancient and horrible that won’t stop until Peter is dead. Can Peter solve the riddle and survive something that no one else has before?

Overall, I liked it. Mostly on the merit that it was Spiderman and the writing was hilarious. There’s a bit near the end where two plant workers are making fun of Babylon 5, which of course is a show Straczynski wrote for. It cracked me up XD Peter’s perseverance and determination to win even though all the odds are against him was admirable and beautifully captured. The art really didn’t do anything for me. Most of it was okay, but the characters were oddly angular and I found the shading super weird, particularly on Peter’s face when he’s out of costume. Marvel isn’t my cup of tea but I liked this volume and I’m going to try another one written by another author I like =D Thanks for broadening my horizons, Nancy =P

– Kathleen