Rucka, Greg and J.H. Williams III. Batwoman: Elegy. 2010.

Thirteen covens that Gotham thought were sleeping have woken, their criminal activity spiking. They’re after Batwoman, but no one, Kate least of all, knows why. She infiltrates one to meet the new high priestess, a girl calling herself Alice. She poisons Batwoman, causing Kate to hallucinate and remember dreadful things. When Alice kidnaps Kate’s father, all bets are off for Batwoman. In trying to apprehend her, a terrible accident causes Alice to fall. Her last words are disturbing, to say the least. Kate must walk through her own memory to uncover a terrible family secret… one she thought she had put to rest.

The art in this book is amazing. A M A Z I N G. There are so many panels that are laid out differently, which makes it a difficult read at first, but they all follow kind of the same format so you’ll get it after a while. It’s got really trippy colors and formats, super kaleidoscopic. It’s suspenseful and heartbreaking. It’s easy to see why it was so critically acclaimed after it came out. If you’re looking for a comic with superb art, look no further!

– Kathleen