My name is Kathleen and I’m an addict… of DC Bombshells merch.

I mean, have you guys seen this stuff? DC heroines in ’50’s pinup style?? And the comic is so well-written and illustrated it makes you want to weep??? Did I mention it ONLY FEATURES THE HEROINES???? I LOVE IT SO MUCH. It is my mission in life to collect all the DC Bombshells things I possibly can. An essential factor of my future house will be how many built-ins there are so I can display all my stuff.

And because I love you guys, I’m going to share this journey of collecting with you =P This will be the first of a series chronicling and reviewing all the Bombshells stuff that I buy (or that my boyfriend buys for me, because he’s an enabler and a bad influence). This first post will be a bit of a dump of what I currently have and the upcoming posts will just be a “haul by haul” kinda thing.

Ready? Here we go~ (Hint: the slideshow starts with the comics =P )

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Sorry if the quality of the pictures is poor, my phone camera isn’t the best. Not shown is the poster I don’t have a frame for yet and the trade paperback of Volume 1 because it’s still with my school stuff and I’m not digging through it XD I hope I get a big girl job soon so I can fuel my obsession further… I mean, be financially responsible and pay my loans…

Hope you guys enjoyed me fangirling about Bombshells for a whole post =D Stay tuned for more~

– Kathleen