Johns, Geoff, Lee Moder, and Dan Davis. JSA Presents: Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. (Vol. 1). 2007.

After reading so much Bombshells and seeing how freaking adorable Stargirl is in it, I wanted to read more Stargirl. This book is apparently where Courtney Whitmore made her debut in DC Comics.

Courtney Whitmore is mad. Her mom remarried a total loser who dragged them out to Blue Valley, in the middle of nowhere, to start a new life. Their old life was just fine before Pat Dugan came along! While unpacking their new house, Courtney finds an old costume among Pat’s things – he used to be Stripesy, the hero who fought crime besides the Star-Spangled Kid! She takes the costume and remakes it, dubbing herself the new Star-Spangled Kid. And not too soon, either. Kids from her school are disappearing and someone needs to investigate. Pat soon figures out that Courtney is not at cheerleading practice after school and builds a robot to keep an eye on her, much to their mutual annoyance. Can Pat and Courtney learn to set aside their differences for the sake of crime-fighting?

I, unfortunately, didn’t like it as much as I’d hoped, and it was because of the art. The line art was really cartoony, but the shading was too graduated and wasn’t as stark as it should have been for the style. It didn’t really work. It was overall a really weird looking book. The story skipped around a bit, which was fine, it was still kind of enjoyable. I just really could not get into it because the art was bothering me so badly. I’ll probably skip the next volume and try to find another JSA title to get my Stargirl fix.

– Kathleen