Loeb, Jeph, Ian Churchill, and Norm Raphmund. Supergirl: Power. 2006.

A few weeks ago was one of the first weekends with really nice weather. I decided to walk to the comic book store and pick up the next issues of what I’d been reading. I picked this up too, for my boyfriend, but I sat down with the milkshake I got on the way home and read it first =P

This book is the start of a spinoff series that takes place after the events of Superman/Batman: Supergirl so if you’ve read that or seen the animated Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, you’re already up to speed. Kara Zor El is struggling to find her place on Earth as both a teenage girl and Superman’s cousin. It’s a huge reputation, one Kara isn’t sure she can uphold or even wants to. She is looking for a mentor or a friend, someone who can help her understand her powers and how Earth works. She meets with some of the most powerful teams in the DC lineup: the Teen Titans, the Outsiders, the Justice Society of America, looking for answers. The whole time, someone is watching her, gauging her powers, researching a new black Kryptonite, and wondering if she can be trusted…

Like I said, this is technically the first book in a spin off series of Superman/Batman: Supergirl, but you don’t need to have read that to read this. They only mention the previous events once or twice. That they packed so many characters in it for Kara to interact with was a bit off-putting and didn’t really let her stand on her own, but in the end I didn’t really mind. What I did mind was the costume. Come on. Who fights crime in a skirt that short? It barely covered anything. I was rolling my eyes at every instance where it miraculously covered up her assets, because lol what is physics. There was also a bit where Grace Choi from the Outsiders asks what size her costume is, which made me laugh. It was a pretty good book for all that, I might pick up the next and see how I do with it.

– Kathleen