Fletcher, Brenden, Annie Wu, Pia Guerra, and Lee Loughridge. Black Canary (Vol 1): Kicking and Screaming. 2016.

Dinah is the new lead singer of a rock band called Black Canary – and, by the way, she goes by D.D. Trouble follows Black Canary everywhere they go on tour. The weirdest thing to date has been the weird shadow creatures that have started following them. They seem to want one thing: Ditto, the band’s gifted guitarist. Dinah, realizing they are entwined in some way, vows to protect Ditto at all costs. Their band mates, though skeptical of Dinah’s secrecy about her past, also take up arms against their enemies. When the former lead singer of Black Canary, Bo Maeve, discovers Ditto’s power, she will stop at nothing to get that power for herself.

I loved the art in this one. It’s really graphic: thick lines accentuating blocks of color. I also adored the visual change in color whenever Dinah used the Canary Cry. It was peppered with musical cues (pardon the pun) and visuals throughout, which was really cool. Get ready for a rockin’ good time with this one!

– Kathleen