Fridolfs, Derek, and Dustin Nguyen. DC Comics Secret Hero Society: Study Hall of Justice. 2016.

Like I’m sure many book-loving ladies do, I normally carry a paperback in my purse to read when I eat or when I need a few minutes to rest my eyes from computer screens. A few weeks ago I finished the paperback series I was reading and was waiting for the first of another to be delivered to work. I didn’t have anything in the meantime to take to my practicum! What a dilemma! Thankfully I had this one laying around; small enough to fit in my lunchbox and I hadn’t gotten around to it yet.

Bruce Wayne starts school at Ducard Academy, a prestigious school for kids. Right away, he notices some fishy stuff is going on. He decides to investigate the weird teachers, the ninjas that seem to prowl around the grounds, and the mysterious principal who never shows his face. He befriends two of his classmates, Clark Kent and Diana Prince, and together they form a Junior Detectives’ Club. They attempt to befriend the other kids and join different clubs to find clues, with varying degrees of success. In addition to investigating the employees and other kids, Bruce starts investigating his friends. They seem… different. Can he trust them? Can they overcome their differences and finish their task?

I own and have read Li’l Gotham, which is another Dustin Nguyen work, and it was just as cute! I was a little disappointed that this book wasn’t in color, but it soon didn’t bother me. In addition to standard graphic novel panels, the story was told by Bruce’s memos to himself, documents that he gathers for evidence, and IM’s between him, Clark, and Diana. Very clever! I also loved how many cameos there were by other characters in the DCU. Even kids as young as middle school age would enjoy it, I think. It was super cute and super fun and I loved it.

– Kathleen