Simone, Gail, Ed Benes, Alex Lei, and Rob Lea. Birds of Prey (Vol. 3): Of Like Minds. 2004.

Finally got to read and review this one! =D

Oracle and Black Canary are at it again: this time, scaring Andrew Fisher, CEO, out of stealing the retirement funds of his employees. When he posts a suicide note, Dinah races to his home to stop him, only to be confronted by the man who blackmailed Fisher for the money in the first place. Savant subdues Canary and holds her hostage, telling Oracle he’ll let Canary go for one thing: Batman’s identity. Seeing no other options, Barbara calls on Huntress for help. Can the two put aside their differences to save Black Canary?

I had been enjoying the series so far, but this one was BY FAR my favorite. There was enough action to keep it going and enough humor to keep it fun. The dialogue between the women, though still cheesy, seemed a little more genuine, probably because it was written by a woman. The art was a huge step-up from the previous volumes, much more modern. I adored everyone’s character designs. I think I’m addicted. There are more of these reviews coming for sure.

– Kathleen