Dixon, Chuck, Jordan B. Gorfinkel, Greg Land, and Drew Geraci. Birds of Prey, Vol. 2: Old Friends, New Enemies. 2003.

The Birds of Prey series continues in this volume. Black Canary and Oracle are working together to fight crime around the globe. The adventures outlined here take us from Gotham to Rheelasia to investigate the disappearances of important people, to Minnesota, where a vacationing Canary stumbles upon a Kobra plot… and the Loch Ness monster? Meanwhile, the Army is tracking the digital signature of a hacker who broke into their computer system – and it originates from Gotham City!

Oracle and Black Canary are still testing the boundaries of their relationship in this volume. It’s as much about the development of their friendship as much as it is about fighting crime. There is also an emphasis in the early issues on Barbara and how capable she is even though she’s in a wheelchair. Even though she isn’t Batgirl anymore, it’s hard to deny that she’s still a superhero. Canary, of course, is the woman on the ground, but it was great to see Barbara get some field action as well.

This is the last of the Chuck Dixon run, and the fan favorite Gail Simone series is coming up next! I’m sooo excited to read it finally =D