Messner-Loebs, William and Mike Deodato, Jr. Wonder Woman: The Contest. 1995.

I was at a comic book store with my boyfriend this weekend and found this! I had read it before but knew I liked it so I picked it up (that’s the only way I allow myself to buy books anymore). It was a steal – only $10! Always support your local comic stores, kids.

Diana returns to Themyscira only to find it ravaged and war-torn. Her Amazon sisters had been fighting demons – and each other – while she was away. Diana befriends Artemis, a warrior of the cast-off Amazon tribe, in hopes of restoring peace between her sisters. Her mother, Hippolyta, upon hearing of Diana’s time away, thinks she has failed in her mission to bring peace and equality to man’s world. The queen then calls for a contest to determine who the new Wonder Woman will be.

That is but one thread in this story, but it’s the most compelling. Everything Diana has fought for so far is on the line. It’s an easy segway point into Wonder Woman comics if you’ve never read them before, because many of her familiar elements are here and the story is easy to follow. The art is angular, with sharp colors and high contrast: very dramatic. This and the volume that comes after this, The Challenge of Artemis, are two of my personal favorite Wonder Woman stories and I highly recommend them! I’ll have to go back to the store to see if they get it in soon~