This collection of spooky short stories was outstanding! All five stories were gorgeously rendered, atmospheric and sinister in different ways.

Our Neighbor’s House– Each reader will come to their own conclusion as to what happened to the three sisters and who was at the door.

A Lady’s Hands Are Cold– The ghost’s song was beautifully haunting, I actually sang it aloud.

His Face All Red– Only the younger brother knows what really happened in the woods, and no one would believe him if he told the truth. Love the open ended conclusion, for you don’t why or who replaced the older brother. This was my favorite story and the artwork reminded me of Nimona, illustrated by Noelle Stevenson.

My Friend Janna– Another case of a switch, with the mysterious red pulse hovering above each girl in turn.

The Nesting Place– This story was the most obvious of the eerie stories, with the sister finding out the truth about her brother’s fiancé, but not being able to truly stop it.

Conclusion- Nice little twist of the knife in frightening you in the future. Morale of the story is to never let down your guard…



Carroll, Emily. Through The Woods. 2014.