Awesome full color graphic novel that is filled with adventure, humor, pathos, and love!

Nimona, a shape shifter, appears unexpectedly to become the side kick of Lord Blackheart, the kingdom’s resident villain. Blackheart battles Sir Goldenloin, a former friend and kingdom champion, who isn’t as pure as a hero should be. Nimona’s back story appears murky and her motives and actions are very suspect. A shred of humanity remains in her, and she isn’t the monster that many take her to be, once the epic battle is fought and Blackheart’s and Goldenloin’s true hearts and feelings for one another are revealed. At the end you will be rooting for all of them to find happiness and peace. The conclusion is a mix of joy and sorrow, for some problems don’t always have an easy solution.

Stevenson’s artwork is is fresh and fun. Her characters are often caricature-like with exaggerated features or movements. I have to admit the noses on some characters were off putting, but that’s a small nitpick. The panels have big bold blocks of color in them, with not a lot of detail penciled in. But the aesthetic is pleasing, and her message shines through.

This is a great story for younger reader- it appears light, but actually is very deep and thought provoking. It also has a welcome LGTBQ  and girl power narrative that is important for youth to read. Highly recommended!


Stevenson, Noelle. Nimona, 2015.